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Working with Mayweather

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Ashley Theophane, the British welterweight who fights on the Mayweather/Alvarez bill, on sharing a ring with the world's top boxer

Boxing: Saul Alvarez v Floyd Mayweather

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Still May Day

MGM Grand, Las Vegas
BoxNation, 2am

Floyd Mayweather Junior isn’t just the best fighter in boxing, he’s also its savviest matchmaker. The American picks rivals at the ideal time, usually when they're just hitting the slide, so it raised eyebrows when he selected the man thought to be his hardest realistic challenge – undefeated light-middleweight kingpin Saul Alvarez – for this contest. However, a close look at the pair’s strengths, and you begin to see Mayweather’s logic.

Nathan Cleverly: 'In the past, I've been a bit reckless'

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Ahead of the biggest test of his career against Sergey Kovalev, Cleverly says he's relishing his underdog status

Saturday August 17
Nathan Cleverly v Sergey Kovalev
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
BoxNation Sky channel 437, Virgin channel 546 7pm


Boxing: Dereck Chisora v Malik Scott

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Saturday July 20
Wembley Arena, London
BoxNation 7pm

Dereck Chisora is the latest in the fairly lengthy list of heavyweight enigmas. In possession of good boxing fundamentals, a solid chin and heart, he's been let down in the past by poor conditioning or his fruitcake behaviour outside of the ring.

Boxing: Paul Malignaggi v Adrien Broner

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Saturday June 22
Barclays Center, New York
BoxNation 2am

Ahead of their clash this weekend, US welterweights Adrien Broner and Paul Malignaggi have doled out trash talk so tasteless it would make Mike Tyson blush.

Broner bragged about his insider knowledge of one of his rival's ex-girlfriends (and things went downhill from there), while Malignaggi's pre-fight threats have included: “Don't let me drop you because I will lift up my skirt and p**s on you.”

Flashback: Henry Cooper crushes Cassius Clay

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June 18 1963

Fifty years ago this week, Henry Cooper landed the most famous punch in British boxing history, sending Muhammad Ali to the canvas. Sportswriter Norman Giller, ringside at Wembley that night, tells us the true tale.

“The fight stopped the country at the time, because Henry was much loved and everyone thought Ali – Cassius Clay, as he was – was just a braggart. Henry was actually on top in the third round, but that was when he got the cut eye.

Carl Froch: 'I'm a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus'

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This stuff will make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me,” Carl Froch announces to the world, tearing open a packet of antioxidant powder after he finishes a training session. Moments earlier, Nottingham’s ‘Cobra’ had been flicking out jabs with the alacrity with which he’s now firing out quotes from Predator.

Boxing: Nathan Cleverly v Robin Krasniqi

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Saturday April 20
Wembley Arena
Boxnation 7pm

It has been a turbulent few months for promoter Frank Warren, but a much-altered Rule Britannia show at Wembley Arena finally takes place this weekend. And topping the bill will be one of Britain’s most underappreciated world title holders: Nathan Cleverly (pictured).

Amir Khan: 'I was getting caught with every shot he was throwing'

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The advantages are openly acknowledged in sports like football, but can fighting at home have an impact on boxers?

David Haye: 'I never look back'

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Former world heavyweight champion David Haye has a fitness DVD to sell. He's making a good job of it, too. But he throws punches better. The question is: which will he be doing more of this year? Sport spoke to Haye - as well as some of the biggest names in boxing - and found a man in limbo. Haye is neither here nor there, but somewhere in between.


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