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The Sporting Year Ahead: January and February

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After Lions success, Ashes glory (selectively speaking) and Fergie’s title-winning bow, 2013 is a tough act to follow. With a World Cup at its heart, though, the 12 months in store might just be up to the task. Read on for our pick of the action coming your way…


Andrew Strauss: 'That first Test match is crucial'

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You banned newspapers from the dressing room as England captain. Has your view of the media changed now you’re working in it?

Top 10 individual Ashes performances

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The men who inspired Ian Bell's heroics (probably)

10 - Warne Goes Down Fighting (2005)

Ian Bell: 'You're entitled to wait for the umpire's decision'

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What was the atmosphere like in the dressing room after the first Test? Did you have a deserved beer, or is it all ice baths and energy drinks these days?
“There was definitely half an eye on the match at Lord’s [which began on Thursday], but we always say how hard it is to win Test matches and you should enjoy it. So we certainly had a beer in the dressing room to take in the moment. It was a mixture of excitement and – with the way it ended – a fair bit of relief in there.”

Broad's Ashes

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“I’ve certainly played a lot more against other nations, but of course it’s a major part of an England player’s career – playing an Ashes series. I grew up all through my childhood and the the England players I supported never won an Ashes series. It highlights how important and amazing it is to be involved in a win.”

The Ashes: Ian Bell interview

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Stuart Broad: 'I have spells where I just get on a roll'

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It’s a peaceful day at the Oval before the tumult of the first Test, and Stuart Broad leans forward intently and invokes the mystical. He refers, half in jest, to an unseen force he calls ‘Mother Cricket’, but it’s safe to say he has enjoyed the benevolent side of her willow touch so far in this Ashes series.

The Ashes: Stuart Broad interview

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Frozen in time

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Opinion: Bill Borrows

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It's like this…

Catch the cheats on a Vespa

To walk or not to walk? Is that really a debate? The barbie has been kicked over because Stuart Broad didn’t walk, but as Ian Healy said: “The only time an Australian walks is if his car runs out of petrol.”

And quite right. All within the rules of the game. Not cheating. Unlike former 100m world champion Tyson Gay and former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell, who have both failed drug tests.

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