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Sport selects several special streaming systems, so song selection's super simple
  1. View Quest Retro Radio
    To be honest, in 2012, the very concept of a radio is kind of retro. So, if you’re going to release one, it makes sense to give it a vintage bent. Still, it’s a far cry from gathering round the old wireless – there’s a DAB tuner with thousands of stations, plus Wi-fi for internet radio and an iPod dock if you’d rather listen to your own stuff.
    £150 viewquest.co.uk
  2. Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock
    Despite looking like the disembodied head of a B-list Transformer, this looks to be aimed at a slightly older age group – teenage boys dropping bedroom beats. It’s great for grown-ups too, providing as it does powerful sound and mixing options. Just put a tablecloth over it or something, okay?
    £300 argos.co.uk
  3. Tivoli Audio PAL BT
    Not just a radio, this, erm, radio is designed for portability with a battery that fully recharges in just three hours. As well as an AM/FM tuner, it’s got Bluetooth built in, so if you tire of Chris Moyles’ incessant braying, you can switch over to your smartphone for some respite. There’ll be no escaping his interminable quiz show, though.
    £249 tivoliaudio.co.uk
  4. Samsung DA-E750
    This page doesn’t fall in love easily, but we adore this – a lovely music dock that has a valve amplifier of the kind favoured by guitarists and produces warm sound in keeping with the elegant rosewood finish. It has a dock for phones and hard drives, and you can stream to it over Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Delightful.
    £600 currys.co.uk
  5. Sony SA-NS510 wireless speakers
    Bluetooth, Wi-fi, blah blah blah – you get the picture by now, right? What makes this speaker different is that it provides ‘omnidirectional’ sound and a massive five-hour battery life. So it’s great for parties – just bang it in the middle of the room and get on with getting drunk and making a fool of yourself.
    £299 sony.co.uk