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This week, some very smart boxes indeed – a high-end TV, a personal cloud, and one that will help you win at Call of Duty…

1. LG 84LM960V 84-inch Ultra HD TV
Now, 84 inches might only be double the size of your regular 42-inch set, but it offers a resolution four times greater than your typical high-definition TV. Combine ultra-HD technology ready for the next wave of content and a Magic Remote that lets you control streaming services with your voice, and you have a TV that will be cutting edge for years... provided you can get it through the door.
£22,500 | lg.com/uk

2. Turtle Beach Ear Force Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tango Headset
Optimised specifically for a certain first-person shooter (can you guess which one?), these headphones let you instantly amplify things such as footsteps or explosions to give you a gaming edge.
£175 | game.co.uk

3. Toshiba STOR.E Cloud
If you don’t trust yourself or the likes of Apple and Google with your data, why not set up your own personal cloud? This box offers just that, with 3TB of wireless storage accessible from anywhere in the world – and it’s compatible with both Macs and PCs.
£150 | toshiba.co.uk

4. Pure Jongo S340B
Ignore the odd name – these boxes are pretty handy. They’ll let you stream music wirelessly to them via Wi-Fi and, if you have more than one, you can use them together for house-filling sound with powerful bass. And, no, they don’t (so far as we know) have them in the Congo.
£150 | pure.com