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Top 5 Apps: Skiing

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Top 5 Apps: Skiing

Hitting the slopes this winter? Her's our pick of the best iPhone
and iPad apps to help you on your merry way…

1. SkiMaps

This neat map app allows you to download trail maps from your chosen
resort (and store them on your phone, nullifying the need for internet) and
use the built-in GPS function to at least find the way you're supposed
to be going. You can also send your location to friends to help them find
you – because phone calls and text messages are so 2011!

2. AlpineReplay Ski & Snowboard


The more serious snow junkies among you – or at least the more
competitive – can record your speed, altitude, distance, calories
burnt and more on this handy tracking app, and compare them with your mates
online. It even lets you clock your time on the chairlift, for some

3. Ski School (Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners) />
(£2.99 per level)
We all know ski teachers can get irritating with their loud colours,
brash language and constant in-house flirting (warning – our knowledge
comes solely from Ski Patrol), so these are the perfect way to learn to ski
in your own time. With professionally produced videos made with top movement
analysis tech, the easy to follow instructions will make you a slope star in
no time.

4. Mammut Safety


If nothing else, this free app will keep your mum happy when you head
off to plough through some gnarly drifts (we don't ski much…). It
allows you to weigh up risky slopes and decide whether to take them on (or
not) by giving you the slope's angle, exposure levels and even avalanche
probability. If all else fails, it also has an in-built SOS function that
will send your location details to the local services and a number of your
choice. Safety first, and all that.

5. Ski Safari

Alternatively, put your feet up, get some marshmallows in your cocoa and
crack this bad boy out to fulfil your skiing needs. The side-scrolling game
sees you outrun avalanches (we said you would need that Mammut Safety app)
as you rack up extra points by performing backflips, ploughing through
cabins and riding penguins, yetis, eagles, snowmobiles and more. As you do,
when there's an avalanche coming. Some people…