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Ripped Like Ronaldo: from the cover of Vogue to posing down in the Champions League final, we’ve seen a fair bit of ol’ CR7’s torso of late. Here’s how to build your own

Video: Joe Launchbury on his rugby memories

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The North Diet

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Want to be like George North? Just follow his guide to an average day's nutrition. Oh, and do some exercise!

• Four whole free-range eggs scrambled with wholemeal toast, organic butter. Wholegrain porridge oats with whole milk and mixed berries.

• Banana and a protein shake (“I tend to have a Maxinutrition Cyclone shake”)

• Two chicken breasts with wild rice, peas, carrots and broccoli. Greek yogurt with pecans and blueberries.

• Maxifuel Recovermax – a high-carb and protein shake.

Athletes of the world, unite!

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Under Joseph Stalin in the 1920s and 1930s, the Soviet Union was keen to ‘revolutionise everyday life’ by encouraging physical fitness and exercise. They enlisted the help of artists to help get the message across, resulting in some wonderful sporting propaganda – now part of an exhibition at the recently reopened Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Not heading to Switzerland anytime soon? Fear not, comrade: you can enjoy the selection on this very page. The Russian Avant-Garde and Sport, January 24 to May 11 at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Hot wheels

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Reminiscent of the original top-down Grand Theft Auto, except with fewer Molotov cocktails, the official F1 Challenge app is right in the slipstream of the console release of F1 2013, which was released a fortnight ago.

Strip down

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Boil your football club down to its essence, and what have you got? If you’re a Man City fan, it’s probably a wad of cash and a chip on your shoulder; or, if you’re a West Ham supporter, it’s a creased and faded photo of Bobby Moore that you won’t stop waving in everyone’s face.

Roller girls

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Although at first glance it might seem like a bunch of women fighting in a school gym, cult hit sport roller derby actually involves two teams of five skating around a track and getting points for lapping their opponents.

Poles apart

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A century ago, Captain Robert Scott and his team perished on their return journey from the South Pole after being beaten there by a Norwegian team using dog sleds. This week, adventurer Ben Saunders is setting off to do what Scott couldn’t and complete the trek to the South Pole and back along the same route – something that has still never been done successfully on foot. He talked us through how the challenges he faces will differ from Scott’s.

Four Four Jew

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The ‘Y’ word has been in the news again, at the centre of a debate over whether Tottenham fans should still use it self-referentially. Even David Cameron has commented on the issue, although he does comment on absolutely everything. Those interested in the roots of the relationship between Judaism and football should check out the brilliantly named Four Four Jew exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London.

Sport talks

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There’s a running joke in the Sport office about how to write best-selling sports books. Pick a random sport, a country and a vehicle at random, and before you know it you’ll be cycling in Rwanda, playing cricket in Cuba or managing a national football team on a Pacific Island (all real books).

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