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360 degree lap in an F1 car

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360 degree lap in an F1 car
Enjoy a lap like you've never seen it before

Ever fancied yourself as a television director? Well here’s a chance to try your hand at a little bit of Formula 1 broadcasting. Sort of.
While you don’t get to choose the shots, or shout action or any of that other directorial stuff, Making View’s 360 degree camera technology does give you a more, erm, rounded look at sport.

Their latest video features a lap of a track in a Red Bull F1 car, but instead of the usual fixed camera position above the drivers head, you can use your mouse or keyboard to have a gander in any direction you wish while the car flys around the track.

We can definitely see this technology catching on with die-hard F1 fans - cue hours of heated discussion about Mark Webber’s rear end.