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Balls to the wall

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Balls to the wall
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Or, in this case, on the wall. Your wall, to be precise. These prints, featuring basketball legends such as Michael Jordan (picture 1) and Kobe Bryant (picture 2), are available to buy from rareink.com – the NBA’s official art vendor.

We think it’s a crying shame the Premier League doesn’t have an official art vendor – we know some people who would pay a lot of money for an arty rendering of Vinnie Jones doing a number on Gazza’s balls. Most of those people are named Vinnie Jones, but still...

All this talk of balls brings us neatly back to our original topic. There are dozens of designs by a variety of artists, with new ones added regularly and fans voting for prints they’d like made available to buy.

As well as particular players (including, here, Miami Heat's LeBron James, in picture 3, and Julius 'Dr. J' Erving shooting for the New York Nets, in picture 4), there are team-specific designs including stylised team logos, and prints are available in a range of sizes, surfaces and frames. Prices start at just $69. So, if you’d like to see some balls on your wall, get clicking. And stop sniggering.