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Sci-fi skiing

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Sci-fi skiing
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If you’re one of those ludicrous people who exists only in action films and energy drink adverts, you can now check your messages on the slopes with Oakley’s high-tech Airwave Goggles.

A clever heads-up display built into the lenses means that information floats in front of your eyes – and, thanks to Bluetooth and GPS, there’s a wealth of it at your disposal.

The goggles tell you your speed and jump statistics; and, if you pair them with the official iPhone app, you can control your music and read text messages. It’s a spy-worthy bit of kit, although we worry it might be quite distracting. We don’t mean to go all Q on you, 007, but keep an eye out for trees, won’t you?

Oakley Airwave Goggles, £500, store.apple.com/uk